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How to Prepare for Police Academy Training

Getting into a police academy is quite a big task in itself. But, even after accomplishing that, there is no reason for actual celebration yet, because that’s the time when you need to start actually preparing to go through, probably one of the most gruelling phase of your life.

You will want more than just sore muscles when you get through, so here are some tips to prepare for police academy training. You can use the time between approval of admission and actual start of training to do a good amount of mental, emotional and physical preparation before you hit school.

  • Don’t Just Work Out, But Work Out Hard! – Police academies have a very strict workout schedule that they focus on, and that too very strictly. You could go through hell with muscle and joint pains if you are not used to working out heavily. Make sure regular work out (at least 5 times a week) is the first thing you add to your list of preps. Cardio is something police academies train on a lot. So, do as much cardio as possible, and also include a lot of running in your daily schedule. A lot of Police Academies will give you an exercise regime to get you into shape at the time of admission, even before you start classes.


  • Learn to Become a Team Player: Teamwork is one of the most crucial factors that will help you get through Police Training Academy in a big way. That’s what will help you succeed when everything else fails… There are a number of things that you will be asked to bring and prepare, even on the very first day. So, having someone to call, talk about, receiving reminders and generally figure out things is the most invaluable thing. Try to look up for others who will also be joining the course and swap numbers. Peer help can play a big role in holding the entire class together and helping everyone get through the tough times.


  • Attend Shooting Classes: A lot of Police academies have shooting training for just a day and a testing phase that goes on for two days. The training phase does not cover the amount of testing that is done. When one passes the first test, they move on to the second phase of testing. If you don’t clear it in the first attempt, then only one more chance is given. And, if the candidate fails gain, then he is expelled out of the course. So, make sure you attend a shooting class and practice shooting for a good amount of time. Read up about the different kind of guns, their parts and learn how to use them. This will come in handy even after you pass out.


  • Get a Daily Planner: You will be given a number of things to do with a lot of paper work, and study. Make sure you have a daily planner and a pen close by, throughout the time. Forgetting a given task can lead to your termination from the academy.
  • Online Support Forums: There is tons of help you can get online from people who have been in your shoes a while back, and they can certainly lend you some valuable advice.


These are a few tips, if followed diligently, will help you a great deal in facing your first day at a Police Academy with loads of confidence.

George Taylor is a Police officer in who passed out of the Orange County Police academy a few years ago. And, now he recommends http://policeacademylocations.com/ to help the newbies in accomplishing the same.