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Job Description and Factors Affecting CNA Salary

Certified nursing assistants are the ones who help the registered nurses in managing patient’s routine health care needs. They are usually employed in hospitals, nursing homes, residential facilities or as travelling CNA.

They use their knowledge and skills to offer sympathetic, conscientious and principled care to their patients who going through a range of medical conditions. Their salary depends on many factors including job location, experience and employer.

Factors affecting CNA salary

Experience and certificate – Nursing assistants having good experience can earn more than $34,000 annually. In the United States, where license is not necessary to work as nursing aide, a CNA will earn more income.

Industry – CNAs working in:

  • Surgical and medical hospitals can earn up to $27,290 annually.
  • Substance abuse facilities could get $23,500 per annum.
  • Scientific research &development services get highest income $36,910 in a year.
  • Government Federal branch offers $35,850 yearly.
  • Colleges & universities pay $32,200 every year.

Location – CNA salary varies by state. Places where this profession is in high demand offer good salaries. In New York City, it is $ 43,000 annually, whereas in Louisiana it is $35,000.

Travelling CNA – Travelling nursing aide earns more than others. You can even enjoy free allowances that include accommodation and food, travel expense, medical and insurance facilities. Overtime payment is one and a half times more than what the normal nursing assistants get.

Annual payment of travel CNA in New York is $73,000. The main reason behind good pay package is that the nursing aide needs to travel even during harsh weather. They need to be with the patient 24×7.

Eligibility, education & duration

The candidate must hold high school certificate and 18 years of age to enrol for CNA training classes. Other requirements needed in some states include background and immunization checks. The training lasts for 6 to 12 weeks and during the course, you are given the basic nursing theory and supervised clinical tasks. The CNA programs are provided by career schools, community colleges, hospitals, and nursing homes.

CNA certificate

Normally, a competency test is conducted after the completion of the course (as per state requirements). Many states provide an array of certification specialities or alternatives like dialysis, geriatric and home health assistant.

Job description

Certified nursing assistants provide following services to their patients:

  • Transfers patients form wheelchairs to beds and vice versa.
  • They need to bath the patients, take them for a walk, etc.
  • Checking the bed-ridden individuals for signs of bedsores and informing the doctors

  • Regularly recording patient’s blood pressure and temperature.
  • Maintaining their sanitary zones.
  • Assisting them to carry out other activities such as wearing clothes, combing hair, cutting nails, brushing teeth, etc.
  • Communicating with patients emotionally to make them feel loved, so that they recover soon.

In nutshell, certified nursing assistants serve people who need help with carrying out day to day activities in hospitals, nursing homes, at home, old age homes and other places. This is one of the many reasons why they are in demand and paid high for their services. The demand for such professionals is not likely to go down ever for obvious reasons.

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