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Make your Career as an Ultrasound Technician

The career of ultrasound technician is lucrative and rewarding. If you are looking for a fulfilling career with little schooling then consider becoming an ultrasound tech or sonographer. Ultrasound tech is an expert in taking and reading sound wave image. Sound waves are not harmful as excessive x-rays. Sound waves bounce off the object and send back the images that are used by the physician for diagnosing a situation. They are also expected to maintain the equipment.

Ultrasound technician training is available at bachelor, associate and undergraduate levels. This course prepares students to read diagnostic scans, take x-rays and interact with the patients.

To become a good ultrasound technician, you will need to choose the right training school, in order to diploma or degree certification, as these are quite useful when you are looking for a job. If you have sufficient resources and time then you could get the bachelor degree from any of the popular colleges.

Course Structure: Course structure includes the following subjects:

Anatomy and Physiology: This is the main subject of this course and to succeed in this field, it is important that you understand how a body works. With this course, you will understand the various types of body systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory and skeleton system.

This course mainly focuses on studying ultrasound images that appear on screen, in order to diagnose issues in various body parts like liver, kidney, brain and thyroid.

Patient Care: This is an important aspect because in this field you have to deal with patients on regular basis. Hence, you should know how to treat these patients.

Medical Terminology: You will need this course because by learning the terminology, associated with ultrasound technology helps you in explaining the patient’s condition.

Math Class: Some courses of ultrasound technology require you to take math classes because you may need to perform calculations.

Psychology: Psychology test is good because it makes you a well-versed ultrasound tech and it helps you relate to the patients.

Clinical Internship: Most of the ultrasound technician training programs require this internship program, so that you can get hands on training in a hospital setting.

Ultrasound Physics:

This course includes training on diagnostic imaging, three-dimensional applications, sound transmission and the working of ultrasound technology.

Educational Requirement:

You may enrol in programmes offered by hospitals, community colleges and university and the U.S. military, which takes 1-2 years to complete. For this course, you should have previous knowledge of basic physics, natural science and algebra. To get admission in this course, most of the schools require high school diploma.


You can make more money in this field of medical sonography, if you have more experience. However, freshers are paid less than an ultrasound tech with 2 or 3-year experience. With five-year experience, ultrasound technician income ranges from $46,500 to $62,000. Role of the employer is also important, as the employer decides how much pay you receive as an ultrasound technician. In comparison to government agencies, private practice will pay more. Salary also varies according to the location.

After taking a well-balanced amount of core course in ultrasound technician, you will be able to do your job with excellence.

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