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Interview Handling Tip for Receptionist Jobs

Receptionist is the representative of a company who has a wide range of responsibilities to carry out everyday. They not only answer calls made to the company and help visitors, but also perform timely clerical works. In order to get recruited at a reputed company as a receptionist, what matters are not only the things you say, but how well you put them across to the interviewers?

Before you go for an interview, you need to research well about the company, understand the environment and duties of a receptionist. Receptionist interview questions not only cover the usual questions, but also those that are specifically related to the responsibilities of a receptionist.

How to Face the Interview?

During your telephonic or the first few moments of face to face interview, the interviewer will probably provide you with the details of a receptionist job role. Given here are some tips to be followed while attending an interview:

  • General qualities to be a receptionist includes a clear and assertive way of speaking, perfect pronunciation and attention to verbal communication tone.
  • While answering the questions, it is suggested that you speak in the same voice tone that you would use while at work.


  • Also explain that you are very well aware of handling business communications and telephonic calls.
  • Acknowledge the duties of receptionist and compare the job requirements with your work history. 
  • Your versatility and knowledge of this profession are the actual qualification that shows your team spirit and interest to help your colleagues.

Convince the interviewer why you are the most ideal candidate for this post by emphasizing on how well you can answer multiple phone lines, handle call transfers, greet walk-ins and manage all other job responsibilities at the same time.

Office Machinery:

A receptionist needs to be comfortable in handling a variety of office machineries to successfully accomplish the given tasks. He or she must be able to type with accuracy, use database, spreadsheet and word processing software along with handling copy machine and calculator.  When you are asked how you will troubleshoot issues with any of the office machinery in the midst of a busy day, explain any real life scenario to prove your competency.

Commitment & Flexibility

Receptionist must be able adapt to new roles and responsibilities. He or she needs to be able to prioritize the tasks handed over by many individuals and perform all her duties efficiently throughout the day. Receptionists need to be calm and composed in case their activities are interrupted for a while due to an urgent work request from a coworker or other senior staff member.

They are also required to go an extra mile to help their colleagues and get the work done on time. They need to be on their feet to make sure that everything in the reception area of a company runs smoothly.

In nutshell, you need to convince the interviewer that you have learnt many things from your past work experience, which has helped you to be a responsible receptionist. You could tell them how you truly enjoy your profession and are passionate about it. Exhibiting your true self will get you the job, so make sure that you do not be what you are not.

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