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Tips to Help You Master the English Language

Learning any foreign language can be difficult. You may have to learn a whole new alphabet, grammatical structures and a massive amount of new words. Some people pick up the language quickly; others struggle. If you’re trying to pick up a new language, it can help to know a few tips and tricks to make the learning process a lot easier, even if you’re a natural. So here are some brilliant snippets of advice for you to take away with you.

 English on the Brain

The easiest way to learn a language is to go to the country and throw yourself in at the deep end. You will be surrounded by the language you’re trying to master, so there’s no getting away from it. The language will be spoken by people around you, and you’ll hear it waiting in queues, while watching television and while reading the paper. If you cannot go to England, you need to try to replicate the scenario as best you can. Therefore, you need to have English on the brain. Try to think in the language, read English books, find a television channel showing UK shows and leave it on. It’s a great way to learn quickly.

Use Sticky Notes

Treat yourself to some new sticky notes and a small pen you can keep in your pocket. Carry the sticky notes everywhere in your home. Start writing down all the names of everyday objects in English and sticking them onto said object. Your home will become a colourful place, but each time you go to use an object, you can say the name in English. Once you master each object, simply remove the sticky note. This system works through repetition, and it’s good for visual learners, as the more you see the word, the more you’ll remember it. It’s a great way of building up your everyday vocabulary list.

 Watch Films With the Subtitles On

This one may take a little getting used to if you aren’t used to subtitles, but it’s worth it. Put on an English film, and then put on the English subtitles and settle down for some quality learning time. You’re going to be learning with your eyes and your ears. Keep a notepad close to you, and jot down any expressions or words that you don’t really understand or that you can’t work out. Listening to movies is a great way of picking up the pronunciations, too.

Book a Trip

Finally, as we said above, the best way to learn a new language is to go to the country – in this case, the UK. There are some fantastic schools that are dedicated to providing English lessons while allowing the students to get to know the country and meet English-speaking friends.

English summer schools in the UK run throughout the summer. They’re ideal for the young to go to in order to pick up this incredible language that could be of huge benefit in their later lives. If you’re older, simply book a trip and start exploring parts of the country and the lifestyle – you’ll be fluent in no time.