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Top 4 Tips for Aspiring Tutors

Becoming a teacher is a rewarding experience; a tutor can change the life of students positively, which can lead them to live a better life ahead. If you’re interested in a career that aspire the lives of students, following effective practices can come handy. You may be passionate about one or more subjects or may have enough knowledge about one subject, but teaching others and making them understand is the toughest part. A good tutor is the one who helps students, struggling to understand the topic in a much easier way.

Some students pick up fast, while few may take a little longer to grasp things. But, you must never compare two individuals and never pass negative comments that can completely shatter their confidence level. If your student is going wrong, you’ve the right to say that ‘he/she is wrong’, but that does not give you the license of explicitly hurting their sentiments. Negative comments or harsh words can discourage the already suffering student. If you’re following the In-Home Tutoring approach or taking privately lessons, the following guidelines can certainly help you out.

Encourage Students to Interact

Students can be nervous when studying in private environment for the first time; you need to be patient with him/her and help build their confidence through few words of encouragement. As a tutor, your aim should be to get comfortable with the student that makes them feel confident in the subject, even if they commit mistakes occasionally.

Initially, your student may hesitate to express freely, and/or ask doubts; as you explain things, ask them question and encourage them to raise questions, so that there is no gap between you and your tutee. One-to-one sessions are great to build confidence and are very useful, though it won’t keep anyone in spotlight. If you are teaching them for an exam, you need to be friendly and may have to incorporate non-confrontational teaching style to improve their confidence levels.

Encourage Learning, and Not Just Mugging Up!

Teach students how to learn, making them understand and teach them for a lifetime. If the students are unable to solve long-division math, begin by teaching them about collecting data from their notes or books, and then apply this data to the math; students will be more successful next time trying to do homework alone.

Make Tutees Do the Work

As a teacher, you should encourage tutees to do their work on their own. They might need your help, but if you be with them throughout, it can lead to trouble in longer run. Help them in proofreading first and teach them how to do it on their own. Explain the strategies to tackle the problems, so that it helps them in solving the sums easily, but don’t do the handholding every time!

Explain with the Help of an Example

Remember you were also a student once; the process of learning is always a little difficult. If you discover a stumbling block while teaching, explain with examples to clarify the doubts of students. There could be complex words that many fail to understand in the first attempt. Ask students to open up the dictionary and search for the meaning of that word along with them.

In this way, teaching can be fun and productive for you as well as your students.

Caryn Watson has written for a variety of online publications and runs a personal own blog, where he writes about education, and career.