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The Importance of Encouraging Your Child to Get a Part Time Job

When your child is old enough to start taking a little responsibility for themselves, it is a time of great change. They will start going out on their own and you will have to start cutting the apron strings a little and letting them have their own independence. They must learn that with independence comes responsibility, so it is important that you teach them how to look after themselves and their friends. It is also a time when they will start asking for a lot more money. Whether it’s for new clothes, cinema tickets or bus travel – you can bet that they will start spending a lot! While you will probably end up helping them out, it’s a great idea to encourage them to get a job so that they can start learning a few financial lessons. In this article we are going to tell you more and give you some great ideas for part time jobs. Read on to find out more.

Odd Jobs

A great way of teaching your children some good work ethics is to start to give them some payment when they complete jobs around the house. Perhaps they could help you wash the car, or vacuum the house – whatever you need doing, ask them to do it for you. Their negativity will soon turn to positivity once they find out that there is some cash in it for them! Teach them that you won’t hand over the money until you are sure that the job has been done to your satisfaction. You may feel a little cruel but it will be a great life lesson for them – and you’ll get a clean house in the process!

A Shop Job

Many kids get a Saturday job in a local shop and this is a great way of earning some extra money. They will probably have to interview for the job so this will teach them some valuable skills, and once they are working away they will need to learn the importance of being punctual and reliable. Instilling this important work ethic in them at an early age is really important and it is something that they will take with them throughout their life.


If your child is responsible enough, then they could start offering babysitting in the local area. Help them get set up by offering to pay for some flyer printer copies. Make sure that they look really professional as people need to see that your child is mature and sensible, and offer to go around the village with them posting the flyers. It’s important to have them properly designed and make sure that they are printed on good quality card. It won’t be long before your child starts earning a regular wage from their babysitting, and they can be getting on with their homework while they are doing it!

Teaching your child how to earn money is a really valuable lesson in life. Don’t just hand over pocket money every week – make them work for it or they will have a real shock when they get into the real world.

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