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4 Offbeat Career Options for Travel Buffs

Love the idea of getting paid while you’re on a travel trip? Getting paid to globetrot sure does seem like a quintessential dream for every travel buff out there. So if you’re passionate about traveling and wish to make a career out of it, following are 4 offbeat career options that will satisfy your wanderlust.

Travel Writer

Do you have a talent for writing? Fancy traveling the world and writing about your experiences? If yes, travel writing is definitely the thing for you – your dream job. Imagine traveling to exotic destinations for free and getting paid to write about them – how cool is that! But hey, the free trips sure mean a lot of hard work. A career as a travel writer be extremely rewarding but at the same time, it can be a tad challenging. You’ve got be self-motivated and flexible. You’ve got to travel deeply, while connecting with every single aspect of the destination you visit. Furthermore, you’ll need to tackle obstacles like strict deadlines, competition from other writers/journalists, and of course, a nomadic lifestyle. However, with patience and hard work you can certainly build your own niche in the industry, and once this happens, you’ll be living your dream!


Are you an avid backpacker? Do you have an eye for photography? Do your travel photographs end up with hundreds of likes on Facebook? If yes, perhaps it’s time you gave a serious thought to a career in travel photography! What could get more exciting than travelling to exotic locations and clicking beautiful pictures of them and getting paid for it! Depending upon your interest you can choose from an array of photography professions. If you’re a nature buff and passionate about animals, wildlife or landscape photography might fancy you. You can also become a wedding photographer and travel to diverse locations, capturing the beauty and romance associated with weddings. If current affairs are more of your thing, you might be up for an interesting career as a photojournalist or a humanitarian photographer with newspapers, magazines, or NGO’s.

Humanitarian aid worker

Apart from lots of fun and exotic locations, travel can also be all about giving back to society. Yes, if you love travelling, how about merging your wanderlust with humanitarian work and bringing about a positive difference in people’s lives? Whether you work with NGO’s, relief and international aid organizations, or for bodies like the United Nations, the Red Cross, or the Peace Corps, you can have a rather fulfilling career as a humanitarian aid worker. You can visit struggling countries recovering from wars, famines, natural disasters, or economic crisis. Travel across the globe improving health, economic conditions, and education of people living in developing nations.

International Chef

Does cooking happen to be your favorite hobby? Do you love traveling and trying out differentcuisines from around the globe? If yes, you were definitely born to become an international chef! If you can work your magic in the kitchen and if you have the talent for creating palatable delicacies from various cuisines across the globe, you can make a profession out of exposing your awesome food creations. Work as a chef in international restaurants, connecting with the food, culture, and people of the places you visit.

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