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Canine Careers – 4 Great Career Options for Dog Lovers

Do you love dogs so much that you want a career that involves spending time with dogs? No problem, if you are a dog lover, there are a number of interesting jobs out there that let you cash in by caring for your favorite four-legged friends.So if you love dogs and dogs love you, following are four awesome career options that might interest you.

Dog trainer

If you love dogs and want a job that will help you spend maximum time with them, you should definitely consider becoming a dog trainer. There a number of professions one can take up as a dog trainer. You can become a behavior expert who can help owners sort out behavior problems in their pets. Some pets might be overly aggressive, some might be destructive around the house, some might have annoying habits like pooping all over the house, bringing dead animals indoors, being possessive about a particular person or a thing, and so on. Dog trainers have an understanding of how dogs learn and understand the world around them and accordingly they try to modify their behavior, possibly by using positive reinforcement. Apparently there are also ‘celebrity’ trainers who work with dogs that appear in TV shows, movies, and live performances.


Love that feeling when you lather your dog with soap and give it a bath, and when your dog simply loves it? Do you spend hours combing your dog’s fur, removing ticks, and clipping its nails? If yes, you should totally give a thought at becoming a dog groomer. As a dog groomer, you will take charge over a dog’s appearance. You will have expertise in breed-appropriate styles, grooming, and canine skin care. You can offer a number of services such as cleaning, bathing, combing, blow-drying, as well as giving grooming advice to pet owners.

If you love dogs and seem to have a natural way around handling them, pet sitting is a unique and interesting career option that you might want to consider. One of the most common issues faced by dog owners is where to leave their dogs while they’re away. Leaving pets alone at home can at times prove to be traumatic and stressful for the pets, increasing the chances of them becoming destructive or aggressive over time. As a pet sitter, you can offer to spend time with pet dogs while the owners are away. You can charge the dog owner on an hourly basis, or even on a per day basis, depending on the duration they’re going to be away for. Dogs are extremely cherished as pets and so the owners don’t really mind shelling out money for having their beloved pet looked after while they’re out and about. Spend time with dogs and get paid for it – a dream come true for dog lovers!

Pet masseuse

Love how relaxed you can feel after a massage? Imagine if you could give that same feeling to a pet! Yes, if you can enjoy massages, remember, pets can enjoy them too. By choosing the right courses, you can become an expert in canine massage. Canine massage is essentially a form of alternative therapy that includes relaxation, relief from pain, improved joint flexibility, reduced stiffness, improved circulation, as well as other benefits to the immune system. If you love dogs, this profession can prove to be truly rewarding.

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