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How to Become an Eligible Candidate for a GED Test

People, who did not get an opportunity to complete their high school education, need not worry, as they can take up GED test. This is an excellent alternative to prove their ability in handling high-level jobs and applying for a state college education. If you are seeking the test as an option, then it is best to read more on this topic to have a better understanding of it.

This test is an excellent chance for high school dropouts to show their skills. If you are tired of working on menial jobs, then clearing your test will open up options, which you never thought you had.

Candidates who can be seen as eligible for a test:

For many people who could not finish high school because of financial issues or personal reasons, this test is a good platform to start a new phase in your life. The test is designed to check your school level mathematics, language and general knowledge skills. It ensures prospective employers that you have the skills, which any high school graduate would possess. This test gives you a chance at better opportunities.

  • People who had to drop out from high school can apply for this test
  • Students who are 16 years old and who wish to discontinue their studies, choose this test as an option.
  • Student above the age of 16, who have not opted for school education can give this test and become a part of the system.
  • Home schooled students can also apply for tests to be enrolled in the system in order to pursue further education.
  • Candidates, who graduate from high school outside the US, can apply for this test in order to be accepted for further education.

Requirements to become a candidate for this test:

In order to fill the GED form you will need:

  • A couple of passport sized photos
  • A proof of your current residence
  • A letter of Fee Payment
  • A proof of your current age
  • An Age Waiver(if required)


Options for students below the age of 17:

Students below the age of 17, who want to apply for GED, need an Age Waiver in order to be considered for the examination. This form needs to have the following details:

  • It needs to be legitimated by a notary with all the necessary details.
  • It has to be approved by the Director of ABE (Adult Basic Education).
  • You need to have the consent of a parent or a legal guardian.
  • A document stating the reason that the candidate needs to take this test


Conditions for the Age Waiver:

In order to complete your ‘Age Waiver’ you need to have a document attested from any three of the following:

  • An Admission officer for higher education
  • Your prospective employer
  • Any Military recruiting Officer

A GED test is an excellent option for people, who have not been able to pursue a regular high school education. Once you have fulfilled all the details, which have been stated in the article you will become a legit candidate.

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