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Learn These Basic IT Skills and You’ll be Fine in Most Jobs

If you’re something of a technophobe, then you may find that this gives you a distinct disadvantage when looking for work. Your competition is going to have the ability to manipulate machines that can perform huge jobs in the fraction of a second, and to adapt quickly to new systems. If you still struggle to send an e-mail, how can you possibly keep up?

Well clearly something needs to be done, and the simplest solution is just to learn how to use the computer. While this might seem like a daunting task though, the important thing to remember is that computer literacy doesn’t mean that you can assemble your own custom PC in your garage or fix the network when it goes down – it just means that you can use a computer for common tasks and won’t get worried when it crashes. Here are the basic things you need to learn to be suited to most jobs.


If there’s one technological skill that’s a requirement for almost any job, then it’s knowing how to use e-mail. This means you can send and receive e-mails once set up though, there’s no requirement necessarily for you to set up your own accounts, or to do other more complicated things to that effect.

What’s important to remember here is that although different companies use different systems, the basics are all the same. ‘Compose’ to write a new message, ‘Send’ to send, and ‘Delete’ to remove. ‘Forwards’ sends the message you received on to another interested party, ‘Reply’ and ‘Reply to all’ replies to one person or the whole thread respectively and you can copy people in with CC or BC.

Word Processing

The next requirement most companies will have is that you are able to handle basic word processing – in other words, writing a document that will look respectable and that will be professionally formatted. This is really just a matter of typing, and knowing how ‘enter’ behaves by moving everything after it down a line (similar to typing letters mid-sentence which inserts them there). You can highlight text by dragging over it, which then allows you to make bulk changes to the font colour, weight and style. Always remember to save regularly, and get familiar with using a printer and knowing how to load printer ink.


Most companies will have some kind of spreadsheet they want you to use, and this can provide the most headaches for newbies. The trick to remember though is that this is essentially just a table that you can fill with text or numbers. You can do mathematical sums and equations too, but these are simply a matter of starting the text with an equals sign, and then using only numbers and cell references.

Windows/Mac OS

Finally, it’s useful to know how to use the two most popular operating systems to launch the programs you want. Don’t worry too much with the more complicated elements at first, just get used to finding the programs you want – and remember that both have a search tool if you get stuck!

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