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Rewarding Cooking Jobs that Let You Travel, Learn and Earn

If you have been a cook, you can use your cooking skills to travel and explore the world while earning. The demands for cooks today are high in all kinds of exotic places as people have to eat. Opportunities are in the hands of professional chefs to have an income wherever they may go. The following are some travel cooking jobs that you can fit yourself in if you have a way with cooking.

Cruise Ship Cooks

Cruise ship cooks have the chance to see the world while they are on the job. All kitchen staff levels enjoy a myriad of opportunities. An income of up to $7,800 a month awaits an experienced executive chef while an entry-level dishwasher can earn $500 a month. The main chefs positions needed on a cruise ship include:

  • Executive chef
  • Sous chef
  • Pastry chef
  • Kitchen staff
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Galley chef
  • Baker
  • Chef de partie

As a chef who works in any hotel or restaurant, you need to have a mastery of the art of preparing meals and menus, organizing stock and ingredients as well as cooking the meals. Whatever you normally do in top hotels or restaurants, you will also carry out on a cruise ship, whether you work in the galley to cook for crew members or at the restaurant of the cruise ship.

For majority of chef jobs, it is a must to complete a cooking school degree, often with years of working experience in high standard hotels or restaurants. As a cruise ship chef, you will have to work in shifts and often given a day off every week. Your day off would be your best time to have land excursions at any ports on the itinerary of the cruise liner. This lets you enjoy your self-made last minute holidays. If you wish to learn more about the kitchen and then become a chef someday, you can apply to become a kitchen staff.

With this job, you will be tasked to wash and clean dishes, maintain kitchen hygiene, clean and stock the chef’s stations before shifts as well as assist in preparing foods that include peeling and cutting.

Culinary Corps

You can serve the Culinary Corps as a volunteer chef. Such organization allows culinary students and chefs to offer their time, dedication and experience in service projects related to food. As a volunteer, you will be able to experience short-term trips and make use of your skills in helping communities with projects concentrating on areas like hunger relief and nutrition. Cooks can also teach communities regarding proper preparation and storage of food as well as feed other community members and volunteers. Being a volunteer can be your stepping stone to have the best cooking experience and land a good-paying travel cooking job in the near future.

Resort Chefs

Tour operators and resort property owners search for chefs every year in order to provide quality home cooked meals to resort holiday makers. These are well-paying jobs which often come with accommodation. The job of being a resort chef allows you to have work at a vacation destination of your choice. You can earn about $37,000 per year as a resort chef. By being able to work at various resorts, you will be able to travel to many vacation spots without having to pay for the experience.

Author Bio: Parker is an executive chef of an American cruise liner. In his podcasts and blogs, he talks about last minute holidays and the best holidays that cook can enjoy every year.