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How to Sound like Native Speakers of English – The American Accent Guide

English is the most commonly used language in the United States. It is the public language used by United States federal government and it is considered the ‘de facto’ language of US due to its well-known and extensive use. 30 to 50 state governments gave English an official status. An example of it is the official language of United States courts in Puerto Rico.

About two-thirds of the world’s natural speakers of English are living in the United States. The principal accent of American English that is most permitted from ethnic, regional, or a cultural distinction is the General American accent.

Below are different ways in learning and understanding American accent:

Watching movies, TV shows and reading materials as magazines and newspapers. Everyone loves watching movies, right? And research shows that we learn more when we are having fun. So today we want to share some tips with you on how to learn English while you watch your favorite movies.

  • You improve your ability to understand and listen to discussions
  • You improve your pronunciation and articulation of words


  • You improve your comprehension of spoken English (also suggested to watch movies with subtitles)
  • You learn new vocabulary and idioms


  • It’s fun!!

Taking English classes – Schools are offering on-site courses for undergraduate students who want to learn English and speak like a natural American English speaker. Certain schools are offering certifications for ESL and Masters in English and other Language courses. Tuition fee varies depending on the college or university.

Self education – You can learn English by your own to save money and study at your own pace and terms. Arterials as dictionary and language books are used for self- taught lessons. But reading and confirming the dictionary and other language books can be very complex and often times subjective. It needs proper understanding and appropriate use of words and determining its colloquial meaning.

Taking English Online classes – Comparing it with the above ways on how to learn American English, this method shows the most benefits – i.e. cheap method wherein you can save money spent in traveling to schools for physical classes, save money from expensive tuition fees; you will have the option to choose the time of classes you want to enroll; and you get to choose your teacher or own tutor; You can study the language at your comfort in a location of your choice and at your convenient time.

The learning procedure can be carried out in the office, home, cafes, parks, and others. It only requires the help of therest is at your tutor’s hands.

Once you understand the benefits of speaking in English, you will then instantly opt for studying the language in a quick but organized and well-designed way. Online English tutor and services have shown to be fruitful and havehelped many individuals in learning the language confidently and fluently. All you have to do is connect to the internet and select the top online English learning website that suits you and initiate with the process.

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