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Job Search Tips: How to Get a Suitable IT Job in the UK

Whether you are new to the IT job market, switching careers or trying to get a job again after being jobless for some time, finding a position requires an understanding of yourself and this kind of job market. There are some things that you can perform to enhance your chances of landing an IT job. In general, personal branding is not a very strong fit for a lot of technology experts. Tech nerds have a strong focus on their project successes, individual roles and their last job’s operational aspects. Visit  to get hired by a UK IT firm. The following are some helpful tips for landing a suitable IT position.

Conduct Thorough Research for Potential Employers

Your research should pay attention to trade press or online news on what IT individuals are performing at the present and the potential direction they may move in that can include converging technologies, cloud computing or VoIP. In order to be able to add value to a certain business, it is important to have the right interview context. Moreover, your research should include considering the general IT categories to make sure that you land a job at the right group.

  • Infrastructure– This is the software and hardware department composed of the operating environment, offering scalable connectivity for good data flow.
  • Applications IT- This category encompasses the customized, purchased and developed software which supports and automates a business’ main functional areas.


Provide Specifics of Your Helpful Achievements

You should be prepared to tell your interviewer how your accomplishments in the past had been helpful for your employer reached his goals. Spend some time practicing your success summaries which include the original issue, your contribution to solve it and the result.

If you want to describe a certain project to a potential employer with less or zero technical expertise, make sure that you minimize acronyms and jargon. Rather, talk about how your work affects the company’s areas beyond the information technology department.

Make sure you have a Polished Image Online

You can do this by updating your LinkedIn profile, improvising your Facebook page and deleting worse or unflattering comments. Nowadays, you have to assume that companies will check you out in the internet so ensure that you can impress them even there.

Make a Supercharged Resume

It is a good idea to utilize bullet points which will make it easier for the hiring manager to scan for relevant experience and skills. Every project must be emphasized in separate bullet points. These projects can be a restructuring, data center move or business architectural design.

As many employers look for candidates based on keyword, you have to include all related keywords for your different skills in the body of your resume and the top’s technical summary. Stay away from too much verbiage and forget the traditional thought that resumes should only be a page. It is important for the length of the resume to correlate to your professional experiences. A seasoned job applicant can submit a two-or three-page resume.

Author Bio: Pierre Grima is a career expert and consultant. He gives high recommendation to those who are searching for an IT position in the UK.