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Masters of Public Health

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that public health sector jobs continue to grow at a faster rate than most industries. Many career options are available to individuals holding a master’s degree in public health. Jobs in health administration, education, epidemiology, environment and biostatics are places in which the graduate can find meaningful employment. USC offers a master’s in public health degree.

Administration Roles

The Administrator plans, coordinates, organizes and directs policy, services, or education relating to public health. Managed care, hospitals, public agencies and community clinics employ MPH graduates. Because so much continues to change in local to national health policy and health care issues continue to be so important, more professionals with management and leadership skills are needed. The MPH curriculum enables students to gain credentials for these exciting opportunities.

Health Education Positions

Health educators are in strong demand, and graduates with an MPH degree find many opportunities to instruct and educate patients and providers within the health-care sector. These professionals create materials to educate focus populations. They also work to raise funds through grant writing for their organization. In doing so, the professional creates the potential to offer more services to individuals and families. These roles are vital to the communities in which the professional works.

Epidemiology Careers

An epidemiologist works to identify causal factors of health risks associated with a certain group. They identify ways to help people to control and prevent these risks. These scientists evaluate treatment and therapy options. Most of the positions in this field require an MPH degree. The professional performs research and develops solutions for agencies focused on the needs of public health, pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, universities or international organizations.

Green Life

So-called “green living” and health-sciences careers are in high demand. These professionals help to improve lives within a community by identifying hazards in the surrounding environment. This sort of role is solutions-oriented, so the professional also considers ways to control or rid the environment of harmful issues. Local, regional, state, and national governments, professional services firms and others need professionals with an MPH credential.