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Why Nurse Practitioner Jobs are Sought after a Great Deal now

While choosing a career in nursing, there are many choices you have from being a registered nurse to opting for the various specialties. Nurses mostly work along with other health care experts as a team and in some cases with a nurse practitioner they even lead a team. There has been a recent surge in the demand for nurse practitioners in America. Here are some reasons for the rise in the demand for them.

Lack of Primary Care Providers

There is a great shortage of primary care doctors in many states in America. Due to this state of affairs, many residents have no other option but to forgo any regular treatment or checkups, which can create a serious impact on their health. This situation is expected to worsen when the federal health care law is brought into effect, extending insurance cover to more than 30 million people additionally. As a result, the growing need for health care providers, especially nurse practitioners, has come to the fore.

Nurse Practitioner Service

NPs or nurse practitioners who hold advanced degrees in nursing are fully capable of providing the required primary care including treating illnesses, ordering tests, referring patients to specialists and diagnoses. The District of Columbia and 18 states have, at present, given nurse practitioners the freedom to provide these services without the supervision of a physician. Though supervision is stressed by physicians, nursing practitioners often have more autonomy and their usual objective is to collaborate within the health care team and also lead, if needed.

More Lucrative Opportunities

There are some nurse practitioner schools that offer courses which help the NPs to specialize in areas like administration or management of hospital or other health care facilities and also the various community agencies. When NPs take such courses in addition to the specialization in medical field they can get top paid jobs without difficulty.

  • Nurse practitioners also have the advantage of setting up private practice or they can also move towards academic field and take up teaching at university level.
  • Another area where the career prospects are bright for nurse practitioners is the consulting field where they can work as consultants in insurance, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.
  • When nurse practitioners have the required educational qualification, certification in various specialties and experience, the possibilities of advancement are very high.

Demand for NPs

It is expected that there will be a high demand for NPs in future as preventative care will be given more emphasis and also due to the growth of elderly population. NPs lessen the burden of doctors in hospitals, health care facilities, and health departments, and as the health care needs increase, their service will be needed more.

A nurse practitioner can earn on an average about $95,070 annually, while most NPs earn between $80,000 and $110,000. The career prospects for NPs specializing in geriatrics are especially very high. The earning potential increases when the NPs are willing to relocate to urban or rural areas, where there is acute shortage of healthcare workers.

Author Box : Joseph explains how acquiring a specialization can add that feather in your career as a nurse practitioner. He also discusses how some nurse practitioner schools guide you towards a better specialization until you have mastered it.