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Appreciation Landstar

It is good to be employed and working for a responsible company. It is even better to work for a company who appreciates all of the hard work that you do. Lease to Landstar does exactly that through their Appreciation Days. Here are four reasons why Appreciation Days Rock:

Three Day Event

Who doesn’t want to be appreciated for three whole days? The multiple day event features contests, catered food and prizes. Visitors to this event are able to look at the latest products offered by many LCAPP vendors. Possibly the best part: all Landstar owners and operators are invited to attend, family included. Visitors can acquire one night of free lodging. This event also features safety conferences and operational updates to Landstar owners, operators and their families. Have we mentioned that the food is catered? The food is catered and always delicious.

Win a Truck

Let’s be honest: truck rigs can be very expensive, yet they are often the only source of income for many families. Lease to Landstar goes above and beyond a normal appreciation level for their owners and operators. Who wouldn’t want to win a brand new truck rig? That’s right: at this event, whole truck rigs are given away as prizes for participants. Generally, these are sponsored giveaways. However, no one is complaining.

Safety Awards

While some safety rules may seem mundane in the moment, the payoff for keeping safe and following set guidelines is worth it. At this three day event, Appreciation Days coordinators will give away prizes to Landstar owners and operators. These prizes can range from free gift cards to free cruises! These rewards are very generous and
Truck Shows

The Louisville Mid-America Truck Show or the Dallas Great American Truck Show are both great places to visit during Appreciation Days. Vendors from all over the country gather here to display their wares, provide demos and hold conferences.

Lease to Landstar owners and operators, and their families, are invited to participate in our special three day event. This annual event is worth the trip. Food, fun and prizes for everyone! Please visit our page for more information.