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How Can Social Media Help You in Hunting Your Dream Company?

How would it be to get a job or update your current job right from your couch by just using Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin? It seems really weird, but the inception of social media on the tip of our fingers has made it a matter of cakewalk. But there are few prerequisites to remember while considering the social media platform as a base to hunt down your dream company.

Your Online Reputation

It’s an awesome idea to captivate your target recruiter through your Facebook posts, tweets and Linkedin recommendations, but at the same time remember that your pictures, videos, and groups are also visible to them. So, it’s very crucial that you have to remove any unsuitable picture or video. Apparently, when any recruiter types your name in search engine, Facebook, Linkedin and tweets will be the first to pop up on the list. So, remember to stop sobbing in your tweets for your current employer. Cultivate better social habits on such platforms so as to display a healthy picture needed by the recruiters looking for profiles online. If you are looking for any job in hotel industry then your interest must reflect in your groups and other interests on the social media that suit the requirement of the relevant industry.

Learn the Art of Finding a Recruiter

Social media is open to all. You cannot expect the recruiters to mail you asking for your help to fill the vacant position in their company just because you tweet and remain active online. You have to find them and follow them. There are various functions in tweeter that will help you hunt down potential contacts of employers. Functions like Monitor, Twellow and Twitscop are highly helpful to find a recruiter matching your skills. You can join Linkedin and Facebook groups to engage with target recruiters. You can also involve yourself in Q&A sessions that may draw the attention of hiring agencies.

Engage with Appropriate Recruiters

Once you locate your target recruiters, do not start to persuade them to employ you. Organically build a good online relationship with them. Just believe you will be having a worthy outcome as it may happen that they may remember you when any good opportunity comes in future even if they do not have anything for you currently. You can always communicate with them regarding your skills and requirements and try to build a concrete online and offline relationship with them. It’s a platform that will help you come across agents and freelancers who provide executive resume writing service so that you can mingle with them and learn the tricks to build a strong resume.

These are the most basic prerequisites that you must do before showcasing your skills on social media and hunting down your dream job. Always remember social media is certainly a place where relationship works. You cannot be pushy at all times; it is social media platform and not a job portal. So, you have to learn to work out things tactically. Hope the tips in the article will help you in getting started with the mission to hunt down your dream job.

Author bio – Paula has vast experience in online reputation management. She also trains professionals and students from prestigious institutions about the tricks to engage with recruiters and HR managers on social media platforms.