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Making Yourself Competitive in Today’s Job Market

As every New Year kicks off, job seekers can take advantage of the increase in hiring which often occurs in January and February. This is because companies tend to start off projects, make initiatives for the year and put annual budget into place during this time. They may also bring on extra employees to carry their plans out. Thus, if you are looking for a job, you can take advantage of these opportunities and look for a good job finding site. How will you connect with key members and decision-makers within your target industry and companies? Know the ways you can spread the news about the experience, skills and talents that you can bring to a business. Here are some things which will address those concerns.

Be Smart in Monitoring your Time

You have to monitor your time usage. At least 75% of your job search activities should be spent on focused networking. Even if you can find many online tools today, more than 50% of new positions is gotten through personal referral. People can get job through the help of other people and in-person connection is often best. Thus, focused networking is still the most effective way to reach power players and such essential connections will have an influence on hiring managers by providing you the a nod of approval.

Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

The least effective way to look for a job is to respond to ads and postings. Competition levels tend to be maximized as you may compete against many other job hunters. Furthermore, to attain success, your resume should be spot on and read the desktop of the reviewer at the right time. Plus, if you compete with candidates who have personal recommendations, you are very likely to lose the competition.

It is then better for you to determine many companies to work in. Then, using your personal contacts, look for people who are likely to know workers in such companies. Try to get contact information from them and ask if you can use their names as referrals. You can make use of these mutual connections in setting up informational meetings. While such meetings are likely to take some time to arrange, being able to establish many contacts within your target companies can really help you find your dream job.

Have Popping Materials

Make sure that you have compelling marketing materials that employers can easily scan. Whether it is your personal website, resume or LinkedIn profile, you need to have attractive descriptions. To make sure that you present the best of you, consider the following.

  • Do you have easy to scan materials to get your main point eye catching for the reviewer? The majority of employers spend thirty seconds or less to determine whether or not you have information that is worth their time. Your most important accomplishments and skills must be placed on top and next to your written descriptions at the left.
  • Do you have skill sets that are highly in demand in the marketplace today? Ensure that your present yourself a cutting-edge and competitive candidate by filling your marketing pieces with selling skills.
  • Are you highlighting the results that you have achieved and quantifying them? In order to design effective marketing materials, you have to clearly state the results that you have produced in your jobs in the past. If you want to learn more about the importance of having in place powerful marketing materials in your job search.