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Most Desired Care Jobs in the Industry

Senior population in the society has been on the rise in the recent past. Consequently, more professionals are required to take care of the senior population. The scenario at present is fewer professional people for taking care of senior citizens in the society. As a result, the demand has increased in the medical industry for senior care professionals more than ever. Elder care, a part of medical industry, is a recession proof profession. A plethora of job titles is available in the industry.

Find below a list of most desired senior care jobs that would assist you in narrowing down the focus.

Senior Day Care Jobs

LPN or a licensed practical is an integral part of all nursing homes. Nursing homes are equipped with plenty of hands on care accompanied with qualified nursing assistants. It is mandatory for LPN to attend school from a year up to 18 months. In addition, they are required to clear the national licensing exam.

Nursing Jobs

In order to become a registered nurse, you are required to clear the licensing exam. Furthermore, you must encompass at least a two-year degree to become a professional and registered nurse. However, the financial remunerations are worth the time spent in nursing school. In the ever-increasing health industry, the registered nurse works in upper management. Their job profile often requires them to oversee a staff or group of licensed vocational nurses or practical nurses along with qualified nursing assistants.

Elder Care Jobs

Several nursing homes encompass a permanent physical therapist. They enable the residents to maintain both independence and mobility. These physical therapists are qualified and have master’s degree to support their practice. Not to mention, the job offers handsome salary and additional benefits.

Senior Home Care Jobs

CNA or certified nursing assistant would take up senior care jobs in home settings. CNA has to undergo a six-week schooling, which makes senior home care jobs the easiest of all the jobs in the health and care industry.

Senior Day Care Jobs

A speech therapist assists the patients to strengthen or regain their ability to speak. Those who have lost or have impaired speech after a stroke can seek assistance from a speech therapist. It is a flexible job with no fixed working hours. The speech therapist can work freelance or have senior care jobs for various facilities. As with other senior care jobs, therapy jobs require master’s or bachelor’s degree.

Aged Care Jobs

An occupational therapist works with residents of various facilities to fine their motor skills. The profession requires education up to graduation level.

Hospital Jobs

A physician in a hospital oversees the whole facility. Mostly, they are given the designation of medical director. However, a physician is required to have a medical degree. In addition, they must have a valid license to practice medicine. The profession requires you to undergo schooling of seven to ten years, depending on the specialty.

The afore-mentioned professions are much in demand in the present times. The health industry is blooming and offer bright chances to young aspirants.