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Five ways to find out more about your perspective employer


There are many ways to find out about a prospective employer today. Most people want to find out more about their future employer for many reasons. The main reasons include finding the salary range, gauging a company’s culture, knowing the size of the company, assessing the company’s financial strength and knowing what former and current employees think about the company.

Checking the Company Website

This is the easiest and direct way of gathering basic details about a company. Most companies provide ample amount of information about their products, services, management, benefits and career opportunities. Today many companies will go the extra mile to share what working there is like. For example,  has several blog series from people participating in their management training program so you can get a true inside view into the day to day life. Public companies also provide information about their financial performance from the most recent quarters. If you are seeking employment with the company, it is always a good idea to start your research with the company’s website. Further most employers expect their future employees to be familiar with the details presented on their websites. Sometimes, employers ask question during the interview to assess whether the candidate checked the company website to learn more about the company and the position being offered.

Researching Company’s Social Media Presence

Most people learn about potential employers via social media these days. Most companies maintain social media presence via sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The companies often publish most up to date information about changes in the company’s vision, strategies and marketing via social media avenues. Social media sites often contain feedback about the company’s services and products from its users. It is important to take these details with a grain of salt, as most comments made by users may not be accurate. If you are seeking employment, you could check sites such as  to read reviews about the company, job categories, salaries and management from current and former employees. The responses may be biased at times, however, the comments from employees often present a board picture about the culture of the company and the benefits offered by the company.

Word of Mouth

If you can talk to someone who worked or is currently working at the company, then it will give an opportunity to decide whether to pursue a career with the company. Besides, knowing someone at the company helps you in submitting your resume directly to the HR department and greatly improving your chances to landing an interview. Most companies hire more than 50 percent of new employees via referrals from current employees. So, it is always good to build contacts with current employees if you are determined to land a job at your dream employer. LinkedIn is a great tool in building and maintaining contacts with professionals in your industry or potential employers. LinkedIn offers the ability to connect, learn and apply for jobs with the help of current employees at your future employer.

Online Research

Most people lookup a prospective employers using a search engine such as Google.com. The search results often provide interesting insights about the company that may not be available via other means. For example, a pending lawsuit against the company may be published all over online news sites. It is always a good idea to check financial web sites to research the financial strength of potential employers. It is always better to seek an employer with solid financials and strong products rather than some company with great signing bonus and free lunches. If you are researching a particular company, you could setup a Google alert to notify you when some news story breaks about the company. Further, the more you know about the potential employer, the more confident you will be when answering questions in an interview.

Talking to Recruiters

Finally, it would not hurt if you can dig deeper with the recruiters employed by the company. Although you may not get any negative information about the company, a recruiter often provides the accurate details about the salaries, perks, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits and bonuses offered by the company. Further, the recruiter often keeps you posted with new openings and career prospects at the company. Most recruiters maintain a LinkedIn profile where you can learn more about the latest job openings at the company. You can also talk to third party recruiters who are working to fill full time and contract openings. These third party recruiters often get the details on temporary vacancies. Temporary positions help you to learn more about the company’s culture and seek full time opportunities while working for the company.


It is an important step to research your future employer while searching for a new job. You must consider all the various options listed above if you are serious about finding a job with a certain company. Today, there are more ways to research a company compared to sources available a decade ago.