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Asbestos Has Brought about a Need for Consultants in the UK

Asbestos is a deadly substance. Once used in the building trade several decades ago, it has been found that the material carries hazardous health risks. Therefore, when contracting work in older buildings, it is important to locate the substance.

The need for environmental consultants is a growing field – good to know for anyone who is interested in pursuing this kind of work. Environmental consultants and advisors work with commercial and governmental entities in addressing specific issues in connection with the environment and the safety of a building site.

Consultants in this area are needed for assessing air and water quality and for auditing the environment of a building site. People who seek work in this area also can use their skills in the development of policy and for supporting the development of environmental systems. Environmental clients include national regulatory organisations, local governments, water-related organisations, and consultancies.

Why Asbestos Consultants Are Needed

Asbestos consultants are needed in assessing the level of asbestos in a building and to arrange asbestos removal. Indeed, asbestos is a substance that cannot be overlooked, as it has been the cause of a large number of lawsuits. One of the diseases that results from asbestos exposure is mesothelioma – a lung disease that progresses fairly rapidly. The disease has primarily affected workers who worked with the substance in the 70s through the 90s.

You will find that a number of asbestos consultant jobs are featured in the UK – jobs that require expertise in a number of areas. Consultants should be able to conduct surveys and collect the data needed to establish a baseline condition for the level of contamination in an area under consideration. They should be able to interpret this data so a detailed assessment can be made, often making use of software modelling packages.

A Key Responsibility

One of the key responsibilities of this type of job is to identify how much of an adverse impact a contaminant, such as asbestos, can have on a human. There is a good deal or report writing in the job that is drawn from detailed information – technical specifications that need to be communicated to and understood by people with a non-technical background.

The main emphasis is to make sure any asbestos on a site is removed, so a project can be pursued with the safety and health of the public in mind. Asbestos-containing materials were used until 1999. Therefore, any building that was refurbished or built before 2000 can contain asbestos.

As a result, asbestos advisors or people with asbestos training are greatly needed in the UK. Advisors are needed to support employers who must make sure that adequate information, training, and instruction are given to employees who possibly can be exposed to asbestos when they are working.

Specifically, consultants who work in the field at the senior level should possess CCP, P402, CoC, and BOHS. They should also have, at the minimum, five years technical experience. A large number of consultancies in the risk management field are looking for candidates that meet these kinds of criteria.