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Study Spanish Because it is Among the Most Common Languages of the World

Spanish is easily one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. As a matter of fact, it is the second most common language, just after Chinese and before English.  As you could probably guess, the Spanish language has roots in Spain (and, further back, the roots of all Romance language, Latin) but it is perhaps more commonly known as the main language of Latin America and parts of South America.  Current rates show that roughly 400 million people in the world speak Spanish (though not all in the same dialectic).

Because the language is, in fact, so common, it is no wonder why it is a popular choice of language study, too.  At Institut Linguistique, you can take two courses of Spanish language study:

LEVEL 1: Beginning Spanish

As with anything else you might want to learn, you have to start at the beginning.  Learning Spanish at the Linguistic Institute, then, will give you an excellent introduction to the basics of Spanish language comprehension with lessons that include:

  • basic grammatical/sentence structure
  • conjugating verbs
  • important vocabulary (for daily speaking)

Students invested in study at this level focus mostly on text and dialog situations in order to get more intimately and personally acquainted with the basics of Spanish language comprehension and use in its real-life context(s).

LEVEL 2: Intermediate Spanish

While anyone who completes Level 1: Beginning Spanish should be able to read Spanish and carry on a conversation (albeit, probably, a basic one), there is an option to study a little deeper. In Level 2 you will spend more time with oral language use, which helps you develop better listening skills, and with conversational speaking that helps you to develop more complex grammatical structures. The goal, of course, is to encourage higher vocabulary use and more immersion into conversation.


It might also be important to anyone who really wants to get a grasp of Spanish as a daily language to take private instruction.  The goal of private courses is to practice not only speaking and interacting, but also learning to hear and identify inflection and other vocal cues that make it easier to converse.  As with any private instruction, you get more opportunity to receive direct coaching and critiquing that helps you to more efficiently hone your skills, making for more effective learning.