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The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Great Resume

Resume is one of the most important job search tools. It is a written statement of why you are valuable and why you should be chosen for an interview. The resume should always be short and to the point. It should not be lengthy in description.

A good resume can be a game changer for you in your job hunt for sure. If your resume is good enough, then within a few minutes, a recruiter will peruse it and you may get selected in a very good company. Most of the job seekers rush towards private firms, but banking jobs cannot be ignored at all. Irrespective of the job niche you choose, it’s important to draft a resume that outshines the rest.

Here is the list of 4 fundamentals to help you shine:


  • Always try to make a work-appropriate email address (not something like doglover@gmail.com). It sounds unprofessional and will never attract the attention of the recruiter towards a job seeker.
  • Keep in mind that your career objective should be employer centric. Highlight the point and let the recruiter inform what you can do for them. Make them believe that your knowledge will be helpful for the growth of the organisation.
  • Edit and cross verify your resume especially the cover letter. Emphasize on your skills, what you are good at, experience if any, and highest education. If you are applying for a job on experience basis then emphasize your experience on the particular position for which you are applying.
  • Keep the resume very simple. Use clear and concise words. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuations. Never use words such as articles (a, an, the) and personal pronouns (I, my) as they will make a bad remark in a resume.


  • Do not overstate your value. Confidence is good, but at the same time many resumes get rejected considering how a newcomer can change the entire organization overnight. So, follow simple ways to showcase your talent or experience.
  • How the resume looks matters a lot. Prepare a professional, eye-appealing resume and never go and print on a perfumed paper. Never include obvious skills like how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and the internet. Always use the valuable resume space that actually makes you look different from rest.
  • Gone are the days when hobbies or personal information such as date of birth or marital status used to be mentioned on the resume. These days, it is not mandatory. If one is interested in mentioning about the hobbies, then make sure it’s relevant and explain how it’s relevant.
  • It is a smart way not to oversell your high school or babysitting experience. In fact, no one is going to count that. So, it’s better to avoid it.

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