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The 4 Essential Elements of a Great Resume

A resume is an essential requirement every time to apply for a job and walk in to attend an interview. It is not only important for the engineering jobs, but also for jobs in other fields. Not many people understand the importance of a proper resume. But in reality, the resume is one of the most important documents that you can possess.

In order to have the perfect resume, there are a few elements that should be present in it. If any of these requirements are not present, then you are risking a failure for your job application as it means that your resume is not up to the mark.

Here are the 4 essential elements of a great resume:

  1. A Loaded Front End: When an employer goes through your resume, he never reads the entire thing. He spends a few seconds scanning your resume from top and bottom and the decision is made whether he is impressed by it or not. In order to make a good impact on the interviewer, try to include something catchy at the top of resume so that it is retained by the interviewer. Avoid using sentences that are too generic. The more unique the content that you write, the better impression it is going to make.
  2. Important Keywords: When you include keywords in your resume, it grabs the attention of the interviewer and makes him focus on certain important points that you wish him to know. If there are no keywords in your resume, it might happen that he just skims through the entire resume and misses out some essential information about you that makes you lose the job. Your skills and achievements should comprise of proper keywords as they are going to be your highlights.
  3. Proper Spacing: It is a well-known fact that nobody likes to read text that is all crammed up in one page. It instantly sends a vibe of dislike to the interviewer about your resume. Use spacing at appropriate intervals. Like for example, whenever you list your work experience, leave a line after every job description. You can also group the areas that are similar together.
  4. A Proper Flow: The resume that you present to your interviewer must have a proper flow. This means that it should be properly organized. The details should be according to the chronological order. Any information that is out of place and if detected by the interviewer could get into trouble. A proper flow also means that all the information that is stated in the resume is relevant for the job that you are applying for.