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What Is Bible Meditation?

Looked upon as a form of Christian meditation, Bible meditation is a style of spiritual development that combines the use of the Bible with the processes of reflection and meditation. And while approaches will somewhat differ, the process usually includes a combination of reading selected verses and taking some time to withdraw from other activities for reflection, to ponder, and meditate on the true message of the verses and the purpose of the passages to the Christian reader.

A typical method of Bible meditation is to find some time and a place that will allow you to enter into a period of silent contemplation, without any distractions from other people or goings on. This special time can be early in the morning before breakfast, or at the end of the day when there is more chance of being undisturbed. The idea is to have a period of personal time that lets you focus solely on the Bible passages that you have selected for the meditation time, with the intention of hoping to receive some inspiration that will benefit the reader.


Methods will differ, and many types of Bible meditation will usually include a reflection period during which the meditator puts aside some time to concentrate on the passages he or she feels should be read. Some extra help can be found in the Christian online bookstore UK, to help you on your way. This time of reflection can last for a while or for just a short while, based on time constraints present or a sense that the meditation is enough for the present time.

Usually, this kind of meditation is started and finished with prayers, with the starting prayer appealing to God to be present and asking for assistance in making the time rewarding in terms of obtaining enlightenment and counsel. The final prayer will give thankfulness for the period and for any insights, or comfort that has been gained from the meditation.

Settings and Diversity

Just like there are various ways to go about conducting a Bible meditation period, the setting can also differ. People may prefer a secluded setting, such as a solitary space in the home, while some others will find that being in a natural park or a forest is most helpful. In a number of Christian faiths, a section of the weekly worship service is put aside for some silent meditation that may begin with Bible readings and later on be followed by a time of silent meditation.

Christians of all kinds can exercise Bible meditation. This type of discipline is found with other members of the Christian community, such as Roman Catholics, Protestants, Evangelical Christians, and Christian fundamentalists. Contemporary Christian denominations such as Latter-day Saints, and Christian Scientists, are also known to participate in meditating focussing on the reading of scripture passages.

Even denominations, that view themselves as post-Christian, such as the Unitarian Universalists, might choose to meditate on a Bible passage and seek to gain some additional understanding and insights.